The product is designed so that only polarizer cassettes of the Cartridge Series can be used for simplifying the measurement of polarization extinction ratio. 
Extinction ratios can be tested by connecting optical components with connectors to the one-sided receptacle side and rotating the polarizers.


– Low insertion loss
– Broadband
– FC/SC inter-exchangeable adapters 
– MU and LC can be adapted optionally
– Small-sized for space conservation

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Typical Specifications

Model PCUE
Wavelength 1550nm or 1310nm
Insertion Loss < 1.5dB
Extinction Ratio > 35dB *Polarizer Cassette
Optical Fiber MMF
Optical Connector MMF(Φ3mmPVC cord)
Receptacle Adapter FC・SCInter-Exchangeable Type Adapter


Product Dimensions