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The filter characteristics of this module can be changed by exchanging the filter cassette.  A fine tuning of wavelength ― within the range of 20nm ― is achieved by rotating the filter.  The tuning mechanism employs a micrometer for an accurate wavelength adjustment.




Standard TFM Model Wavelength(nm) Optical fiber Loss(dB) Connector/Polish
TFM-1550-S-FA 1510-1590 SMF ≦0.7 FC/APC
TFM-980-S-FA 950-1010 SMF ≦1.5
TFM-1050-S-FA 1010-1090 SMF ≦1.5
TFM-980-MGI50-FA 950-1010 GI50/125 ≦0.7
TFM-1050-MGI50-FA 1010-1090 GI50/125 ≦0.7
Filter Model Wavelength(nm) Cavity FWHM Loss(dB)
FC-1560B-1-1 1540-1560 1 1±0.2nm ≦1.0
FC-1560B-1-3 1540-1560 1 3±0.3nm ≦0.5
FC-1560B-2-5 1540-1560 2 5±0.5nm ≦0.5
FC-980B-1-1 960-980 1 1±0.3nm ≦1.5
FC-1074B-1-1 1054-1074 1 1±0.3nm ≦1.5
Special Please inquire us your request.
Filter  Please specify a filter type: BPF,LPF,SPF and so on.
Wavelength  Please specify the center wavelength of tuning range from 1260-1650nm. When other wavelength bands are needed, please contact us for more detail.
Optical Fiber MMF,PMF,DSF and so on.
Connector and Polish SC,SPC and so on.


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The filter cassette and the main body can be purchased separately.






・The filter characteristics of the module can be changed by exchangeing the filter cassette.
・The TFM provides users a convenience in applications which require a variety of wavelength or FWHM.


■Wavelength selection in WDM system

This module can sharply select the demanded wavelength from a LED/ASE light source. The customers do not need to by the plural optical filters for the selection of the wavelength in the experiment by using this module.



■Simple narrow-band tunable light source

This product can be used as the narrow-band light source by combining with the LED light source or the ASE light source. By rotating the filter-cassette, this module works as a simple tunable wavelength light source.


Special Order Products

■Customized optical modules for R&D in the various wavelength areas.

Many customized modules have been realized in 360nm band, 500nm band, 850nm band, 980nm band,1064nm band.



PDF Catalog 1550

PDF Catalog 980-1050