This is the well known technology, called as “Magic Mirror” or “Makyo Inspection system” to be able to inspect semiconductor wafer surface for latent damages. Non-contact and non-destructive test method. It can be used for Si Wafer, GaAs wafer, Polished flat Glass surface, Sapphire wafer, semi-transparent wafer surface, polished metal surface and many others.  Optics requires no maintenance and lamp has to be replaced for a maintenance. Other options, such  as automated damage inspection software and printer options.



  1. Full view inspection system and you can inspect entire wafer on the screen with a sensitivity of submicron level damages and latent hidden damages.
  2. Optics is compatible with Class 1
  3. Optics is maintenance free and only it requires is to change the lamp
  4. Magic Mirror has sensitivity adjustment capability and is capable of adjusting inspection sensitivity depending on your threshold level.


◇ Wafer surface inspection
◇ Slip line detection on EPI, SIMOX and annealed wafers
◇ Polished glass, Sapphire, and any polished transparent or semi-transparent surface
◇ All polished flat surface



Standard Specification

Inspection size 4 inch dia. To 12inch dia. Applicable defects Flatness, Dimple, Mound   Saw Mark, orange peel and others Magnification 1 and 3X comes as standard Sensitivity Adjustable sensitivity  Light source 550nm constant light intensity control Camera High Resolution CCD camera Stage Manual stage (standard)








■Example of images of wafers








Available options

◇ Motor controlled rotating inspection stage
◇ Automated Defect  Detection Image Processing Software
◇ Screen Image Printer
◇ Wafer handling robot and wafer transfer system

Note: Demonstration of Magic Mirror is available on request at our factory. We welcome your samples and we are more than happy to inspect samples