Xenon Light source with Light Guide  XFL Series

This is a light source with Xenon lamp and Fiber Light Guide. Since Xenon lamp has very close to natural sun light spectrum, it is an ideal light source that requires high intensity natural sun light in a laboratory. There are standard models come with 150W and 300W Xenon lamp, and we can offer higher power model or one with different spectral output using different lamp other than Xenon lamp

Xenon Light source for spectrograph  MLH Series

This is an ideal light source for spectrograph applications. User can select a lens or replacing a lens for specific application so that Numerical Aperture adjustment of output beam, collimation level of output beam or even a spectral range can be selected. Standard light source is 150W and 300W Xenon lamp and we can manufacture up to 5KW.

Xenon uniform light source

This light source has a built in optical integrator lens and collimator lens which realizes very uniform illumination with non-uniformity of better than +/- 5%.    

Xenon Flash light source

This light source generate Xenon flash lamp and generates 1 micro second to 10m second pulsed flash light. Application will be for testing sensitivity of photographic film, Schlieren test or high speed photography. 

Very long Xenon pulse light source

Unlike Xenon Flash light source, this unique light source offers very long pulse, equal to below 1 second, with a very FLAT output during the pulse. It’s uniqueness does not stop for its long pulse, moreover, an expected peak intensity during the pulse can be 5 times more than the original rated power of a lamp. 


Note: We offer customs design light source using either Xenon lamp or High Pressure Mercury lamp. Please contact our sales department for your specific application.