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WTFM has two slots in which filter cassette is inserted and thereby the expanded functions.  By using two filter cassettes at the same time, the customers can get the higher precision of the wavelength selection and the wider applicability to usage.  WTFM keeps the features of TFM – tunable range of 20nm, easy xchange of the filter cassette and an accurate wavelength adjustment.




Model Name Wavelength(nm) Fiber Loss(dB) Connector
WTFM-1550-S-FA 1510-1590 SMF ≦0.7 FC/APC
WTFM-980-S-FA 950-1010 SMF ≦1.5 FC/APC
WTFM-1050-S-FA 1010-1090 SMF ≦1.5 FC/APC
WTFM-980-MGI50-FA 950-1010 GI50/125 ≦0.7 FC/APC
WTFM-1050-MGI50-FA 1010-1090 GI50/125 ≦0.7 FC/APC




■Exchangeable filter cassette

By the combination of 2 filter cassettes, you can get various specifications.





■Research and development for the communication.

For test and selection of various filters.
For research and development of optical fiber communications.

■For wavelength selection in WDM system. (Combined with a LED/ASE light source)

This module can sharply select the demanded wavelengthe from a LED/ASE light source. 
The customers do not need to buy the plural optical filters for the selection of the wavelength in the experiment by using this module.


■As simple narrowband tunable light source

It’s possible to be used as the narrowband light source by combining with the LED light source or the ASE light source. 
Rotating the filter-cassette becomes a simple tunable wavelength light source. 



Special order products

■Customization for non-standard wavelength.

360nm band, 500nm band, 850nm band, 980nm band, 1064nm band


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Catalog PDF 980 1050