This attenuator module is designed to control optical attenuation up to 40 dB by adjusting an micrometer. This product provides optical attenuation for high-power lasers up to 2-watts, and it is compatible with increasingly high-power light sources for optical communication systems.

– Compatible with high-power lasers (2-watt)
– Low insertion loss
– Low PDL
– C- and L-band application capability
– Built-in shutter function 
– Low price

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Typical Specifications

Model VOAA
Wavelength Range 1500 – 1620nm
Input Power < 2W(CW)
Insertion Loss < 0.6dB
PDL (ATT < 10 dB) < 0.1dB
Attenuation Range 0 – 40dB
Return Loss > 50dB
Optical Fiber SMF or DSF or PMF (Φ3mm cord)
Optical Connector FC/SPC or SC/SPCor FC/Angled PC or SC/Angled PC

Product Dimensions

Wavelength Dependency Data