・Standard color viewer
・In using LED is high color rendering index
・Corresponding to the chart of both the 16:9 and 3:4
・Can be calibrated with a luminance meter (sold separately)
・The large number of set options



Luminance surface 300 x 200 [mm]
Luminance 300~1,300cd/m2
Uneven luminance ±3 [%]
Color temperature 3100 ±150 [K] or 5100 ±500[K]
Light source High-CRI LED Ra=95
Power supply AC100~240V, 50/60[Hz]
Dimensions 435(W) x 330(H) x 120(D) [mm]
Lighting frequency 100 [kHz]
Weight 5 [kg]
Power consumption 40 [VA]
Option 1-Changing color temperature
2-Adding color temperature ( You can use 2 color)
3-Changing luminance
4-Adding function of auto luminance adjuster
5-changing size of chart holder
chart size 16:9
310 x 200 t=5 [mm]
320 x 290 t=5 [mm]