UFM series offers  a customer to chose a main UV wavelength by picking up a desired mirror and also user can change the mirror to pick up a different wavelength. Exposure area of UFM series has  excellent uniformity. Likewise other YDC Light sources, operator can safely align optical axis without turning on the UV lamp. Safe and quick lamp change is realized. User can select a right model from exposure area and its UV intensity.


◇ Non-uniformity: To be better than +/- 3%, Parallelism : To be smaller than +/-3 deg.

◇ Exposure area: Please contact our sales department

◇ UV intensity: Please contact our sales department


◇ Dichroic filter

 The system is able to minimize second harmonics by combining a dichroic mirror so that the very sharp desired wavelength can be used for exposure at  365nm, 405nm or 436nm.