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Tunable laser light source

Appearance Products Name:Model Maker

Tunable laser light source KLS-601A series (High-end model)

High-resolution model that is neccessary for the high precision measurements. Wavelength resolution is achieved to be 0.1pm. Optical power attenuator is included as a standard feature.

Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd.

Tunable laser light source KLS-201A series(Standard Model)

A standard model that covers the all the wavelength range from O-band through U-band. 1220nm band model has been just added to the product line. This series of tunable lasers have wide wavelength tuning range and fine wavelength resolution.

Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd.  

1um-Band Wavelength Tunable Laser LSC-101A-1064

1um-band tunable laser was integrated into KLS-201A series. Specifications are shown in the page of KLS-201A series.

Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd.  

Fixed-Wavelength Semiconductor Laser FLS

Wavelength can be selected from the wavelength range of 1180-1370nm/1400-1680nm. Narrow spectrum linewidth and low RIN Customization is available: enclosing in module together with electric source and driver, multiple wavelength, etc. Wavelength can be changed after purchasing.

Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd.

ASE-Free Tunable Diode Laser λ-Master 1040

・ High Spectral Purity(ASE-Free) : <-75dB@0.01nm
・ High Power Output : >100mW (Fiber Output : >50mW)
・ Broad Band Tuning : >100nm (980~1085nm), >80nm (920-1000nm)
・ Range of Mode-Hop-Free Tuning : >50nm
・ Linewidth : ~100kHz
・ High Resolution Digital Control : 0.05pm (15MHz)/step
・ PC ZControl : LabVIEW Program

Spectra Quest Lab, Inc.

Compact and Economical ASE-Free Tunable Diode Laser λ-Lock

・ Wavelength Tuning Range : ~100nm arond 1040nm, 950 nm (Manual control)
・ ~150 GHz Mode-Hope-Free Tuning (Automatic Control)
・ ASE Free Outoput : ~80 mW (Air space), ~40 mW (Fiber Outoput)

Spectra Quest Lab, Inc.


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