– Solar simulator with integrated environmental chamber –  


Integral environmental chamber keeps temperature of PV sample inside the chamber constant, and it will enable your experiment with a better accuracy for R & D project. Also it can be applicable to evaluate temperature characteristics of PV samples or cooling means of high energy solar research project


1. Temperature inside of environmental chamber is adjustable at a desired setting level.
2. We can offer a chamber to control both temperature and humidity.
3. It can be used as a cooling means to cool PV sample.
4. Environmental chamber can be integrated with Focusing Solar Simulator or Tandem type solar simulator system.


Solar Simulator with Integral Environmental Chamber

Temperature setting range:
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Class AAA
Our solar system satisfies Class A for JIS C8912, C8933, IEC/EN.60904-9 and ASTM-E927 respectively.
     – Spectral Matching: Class A
     – Temporal Instability: Class A
     – Non-uniformity: Class A

Some environmental chamber may not be compatible with a type of SUN energy level or size of effective area.  If we have such an incompatibility issue, alternately we can  use cooling plate instead. *Please ask our your requirements to our sale department.


JIS(JIS C8912,C8933)

JIS Class Class A Class B Class C
Non-uniformity Within±2% Better than±3% Better than±10%
Temporal instability Within±1% Better than±3% Better than±10%
Spectral Matching 0.75-1.25 0.6-1.4 0.4-2.0

JIS C8912:Solar Simulator for Crystal type solar cell
JIS C8933:Solar Simulator for amorphous solar cell