1. I-V Measurement system
It is an essential system to measure performance of PV cell. Our I-V measurement system is designed to work with our YSS series Solar Simulators. Long pulse and middle range pulse (5-25msec) comes with built-in I-V measurement system.
2. Cooling plate unit
This unit maintains a set temperature by circulation of chilled water and cool down a sample PV cell.
We will have different model to accommodate the size of effective area of YSS series.
Please ask our sales department.
3. Height adjustment elevator unit option
Each solar simulator has a specific given distance between the large projection lens and the position of PV cell. This elevator unit will place your PV cell at the correct position to start your measurement.
4. Intensity checker
This intensity checker is to be used to obtain 1 SUN level  of YSS series Solar Simulator.
(However, we recommend to purchase a reference cell from a provider. Please contact us if you are considering to purchase a Reference Cell for a precise calibration of your YSS solar simulator.)
5. Spectro Radiometer
SAIYO is our High Speed Spectro Radiometer that can be used for both continuous YSS series and can be used with pulsed solar simulators as well.

Wafer Handling:
Equip Technologies 3-axis robot.

Equip Technologies non-contact 125-200mm pre-aligner with x/y precision >+/-. 0015″ and theta precision >+/-. 12″.

Defect Detection Software:
DSP platform with no-board accelerators and integrated display. Defect detection modules using normalized grayscale correlation and intelligent random pattern analysis. User set-up configurations for detection & classification; recipe menus include Dimples, Mounds, Edge Defects, Flares, Flaws…