This slide type wavelength tunable filter module can tune arbitrary wavelengths by changing positions of oxide dielectric type filters of which the thickness is precisely distributed in parallel to the substrate surface.


– Realization of a wide wavelength tunable range (60 nm tunable)
– Low insertion loss
– Low variation in insertion loss
– Low variation in bandwidth
– Low PDL (polarization dependence loss) 
– Optional tandem implementation of optical filters (realization of the characteristics equivalent of 2-cavity)
– Manufacturing capability for customization of optical filters 


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Typical Specifications

Model WTFA
Wavelength Range 1470 – 1530nm or 1520 – 1580nm or 1560 – 1620nm
Half Bandwidth 0.5nm+/-0.2nm 1nm+/-0.2nm 3nm+/-0.3nm
(3 dB Bandwidth)
Insertion Loss(*) < 2.0dB <1.5dB <1.5dB
PDL <0.1dB
Return Loss > 50dB
Optical Fiber SMF or DSF or PMF (Φ3mm cord)
Optical Connector FC/SPC SC/SPC FC/Angled PC SC/Angled PC


Product Dimensions