This SHG (Second Harmonic Generator) Unit realizes highly efficient wavelength conversion with bulk type wavelength conversion crystals. 
In addition, this SHG Unit optimized for your light sources can be custom made to contribute to biotechnology and medical applications (flow cytometer, DNA sequencer, etc.). 


– Laser microscopes, fluorescent microscopes
– Flow cytometers
– Various spectroscopic, physical and chemical applications

Built-In Mechanism
– Peltier and thermistors for crystal thermo control 
– SWPF filters for fundamental wave cutting 
– PD for converting light intensity monitoring 

– Fiber laser light sources for each wavelength
– Crystallization temperature adjustment control driver (external)
– Safety shutter (external) 
– AOM (external) 



Brochure PDF


Main Specifications

Output Wavelength Example Single wavelength of 488-670 nm
Output Level* Up to 1-W class (spatial output)
Output Method Special beam or optical fiber
Beam Quality Spacial single-mode
TEM00, M2 < 1.1

*Output levels may vary depending on the characteristics of the input fundamental wave laser (power, line width, etc.).