REEL LITE®- Ultra-Compact Reels for Fiber Optics
Revolutionary Improvement in Optical Fiber Length Management

Reeling of fiber using a hand spooling jig, “Spool Holder Fibers can be removed from the coiled reel

Reel Lite will…
– Allow quick and easy taping-free spooling and storage of Φ0.25mm bare, Φ0.9mm and ribbon fibers.
– Facilitates removal of spooled fibers.
– Eliminate the burdensome work of extra fiber length management from device production and processing of terminals.
– Offers a variety of sizes and types that suit your needs (Choose from 2 sizes and 3 types of products depending on the fiber length, material and specific environmental requirements, such as frame resistance and lower gas emission.).
– Contributes to the management of extra fiber length of FTTH lines.










– SPOOL-1-HG, a flame resistant model with lower gas emission, is recommended for mounting inside equipment and vapor deposition.
– SPOOL-1-ST is highly economical and suitable for terminal processing, packaging and shipping.
– SPOOL-2-ST is ideal for processing of core fibers and tape fibers as well as for the storage of extra length of fibers for FTTH cables.

Product Name REEL LITE
Color Black Blue
Spooling Φ0.25mm Bare fiber 5m Approx. 150m
fiber length Φ0.9mm fiber Approx. 10m
(Maximum) Φ3.0mm Cord Approx. 1m
  12-core ribbon fiber 5m
External diameter of spool Approx. Φ72mm Approx. Φ89mm
Internal diameter of spool Approx. Φ64mm Approx. Φ64mm
Material of spool Special rubber A Special rubber B
Applicable temperature range -40 °C ~150 °C

Accessory Parts

Spool Holder


A jig for easy reeling of optical fiber. Sold in a case of 12. (See the photo on the right.)
* Compatible with SPOOL-1size only






This tool allows you to take the fiber off the Reel Lite in a wound bunch without scratching or damaging the fiber thanks to the special finish of the tip.
* Compatible with SPOOL-1& 2 sizes