Model:YSS-M2000PS  – Pulse width 5msec to 25 msec –

Our Pulsed Solar Simulator is suitable for testing PV module in a production line as in-line tester.

User’s benefit:
Lower power consumption, proprietary long lamp life resulting in lower running cost and very short down time for maintenance.

This product has been developed with a collaboration of AIST Tsukuba Japan.

■FEARURE of our Middle Range Pulsed Solar System for PV module test process

1. Middle range pulse width from Xenon Flash lamp

We have optimized pulse width based on physical properties of different Photo Voltaic module.
Pulse width: Single pulse width 5msec to 25msecLight
Pulse shape:   Quasi -trapezoidal wave form
* We manufacture pulse width per customer’s request


2.Short charging time between pulses Interval of repetitive pulses

Charging time:From 1 sec to a desired time setting 


3.High speed I-V measurement capability Achieved both fast weeping speed and improved accuracy of measurement

I-V measurement : Normal mode  (High Throughput mode)
Maximum 120 data point can be taken per  10msec single pulse
Maximum 240 data point can be taken per 20msec single pulse
* You can adjust number of data point as you need
Precision mode will take a measurement 1 data point per single pulse.


4.Unique Flexible Optical Design capability for tailored spectral characteristics Unlike other manufacturers, our experienced optical design team is able to optimize the optical design for a spectral response of your PV module.


5.Large area Pulsed Solar system for a test line of large area PV module 

Standard size:
Effective test area: 1meter x 1meter
Custom pulse system configuration:
Width:  from 1 meter to 1.5 meter
Length: from 2meter to 10 meter


6.Dimensions (Standard type excluding Power Supply)
2,600mm(L) X 1,500mm (W) X 1,000mm(H), 1200 Kilograms


7.Performance: Class AAA
YDC pulsed solar system satisfies Class A for JIS C8912, C8933, IEC/EN.60904-9 and ASTM-E927 respectively .
Spectral Matching: Class A, Instability during the pulse: Class A, Non-uniformity : Class A


8.Long life Xenon Flash lamp and unique optical design for a minimum down time.
Nominal life of our Xenon Flash lamp is over 500,000 pulses . Easy maintenance and repeatability of spectral output (Class A) after maintenance is easily achieved with little to no optical alignment which will give a great benefit for production line.