This cassette is designed to be installed in the OPTOQUEST Standard Cartridge Type Coupling Module to monitor optical power during propagation.
This design eliminates the need for re-connection of optical fibers to check the optical propagation intensity and enables fiber use in a quiescent state, allowing optical volume confirmation without changing the polarization status with SMF.


– Low insertion loss
– dB/dBm switch display 
– Automatic power-off
– Battery driven


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The external shape design may be changed
without prior notice.

Optical Specifications

Model PCC
Wavelength 1530nm -1570nm (calibration wavelength)
Available Wavelength Range 1470nm – 1630nm
Insertion Loss < 0.6dB
Display Accuracy < 0.5dB *1
Input Light Intensity +10dBm to -30dBm
Sampling Speed 1kHz
Automatic Power-Off 30min in non-operation
Display 7seg LCD
BS Branch Ratio 95:05:00

* 1: When used in conjunction with attenuators, the display accuracy is < 1.0 dB.

Products Dimension



Usage Example

Ordering Instructions


Product:Power Monitor Cassette
Order format: PCC15-M

(*Please use this product by setting to the Standard Cartridge Type Coupling Module.)