This coupler uses optical crystals as elements for polarization composition and separation.
This coupler is developed as a compact and high-performance fiber type module for polarization composition and separation. This product has a parallel fiber I/O structure and can be conveniently used for composition of LD light for excitation in optical fiber amplifiers


– Low insertion loss
– High extinction ratio (for polarization separation)
– Space conservation capability due to fiber I/O from one direction and compact design


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Typical Specifications

Model PCA
Insertion Loss < 0.7dB
Extinction Ratio >20dB or 25dB or 30dB
Return Loss >50dB
Optical Fiber SMF or PMF (Φ0.9 fibers)
Optical Connector FC/SPC or SC/SPC or FC/Angled PC or SC/Angled PC

*The polarization maintaining axis is parallel to the slow axis and the connector key. 


Product Dimensions