In cases where it is necessary to consider the influence of polarization dependency in high-speed optical communication (measurement of 100 G proof stress) and various experiments,
the consideration process has been time-consuming until now because various polarized optical devices have to be set up to output arbitrary polarization states.
This product can generate arbitrary PDL with high precision and high resolution for inputted linearly polarized light, and then output the light.


– Low insertion loss
– PDL generation resolution: 0.1 dB
– Max. PDL generation: 10 dB
– Manual operation capability and external control capability by USB 


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Typical Specifications

Model WFPG
Wavelength 1530-1610nm
Insertion Loss < 1.5dB
PDL Generation Amount 0 – 10dB
PDL Setting Resolution <0.1dB
Return Loss > 50dB
Input Light Intensity +10 to -15dBm
Monitor Function Input Light Intensity and PDL Setting
Optical Fiber SMF or DSF
Optical Adapter SC/FC Inter-Exchangeable Type Adapter



External Control USB (with the driver)
Power Source AC 90-110 V
Power Consumption < 30 [W]
Operating Temperature 15-35 [deg C]
Storage Temperature -10-60 [deg C]
Dimensions (W x D x H) 260 x 350 x 99 (mm)(Excluding protruding parts, such as switches, connectors, rubber bottoms, etc.)


Usage Example