FiberLabs offers two O-band ASE light source modules with different output powers. Module type ASE light sources are small in size and easy to integrate into equipments. They are operated on 5 VDC and the optical properties are the same as the corresponding bench-top models.


■ Module type specifications

 Item ASE-Md1300-01 ASE-FLMd7611
 Output Wavelength Band O-Band
 Output Power >0dBm ( >1.0mW) >+8dBm ( >6.3mW)
 Spectral Power Dennsity >-25dBm/nm@+/-20nm *1 >-20dBm/nm@+/-20nm *1
 Output Power Stability *2 <+/-0.01dB
Example Example
 Output Fiber SMF
 Output Optical Connector FC/PC
 Dimensional, Electrical & Environmental
 Size (mm)*3 36(H) x 190(W) x 132(D)
 Power supply DC5V
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*1 Peak wavelength
*2 15Min. after 2 hours warm-up
*3 Not Including Protrusions