Micro force in μN (mgf) can be detected and measured.
The light and compact body can be easily handled and assembled into a device.


Custom jigs for sensing part

It can be customized the shape of the load sensing part in accodance with a part to be mounted (a probe, etc.).




•Contact detection of probing device
•Puncture force of a needle point
•Contact detection between fiber optics and functional device
•Pull, compression or bending forces of micro force detection test piece
•Management of micro pressing force load of a contact
•Micro friction force and thrust force monitoring



Line Up


Model No. FS1M-0.1N FS1M-1N FS1M-5N
Measurement range 0~100mN (≒10gf) 0~1N (≒100gf) 0~5N (≒500gf)
Resolution 20μN (≒2mgf) 0.1mN (≒10mgf) 0.5mN (≒50mgf)
Repeatability ±20μN ±0.1mN ±0.5mN
Linearity ±1%
Stiffness 343μm/N 50μm/N 9.9μm/N
Resonant frequency at 0g 156Hz 185Hz 400Hz
Built-in sensor Capacitive displacement sensor
Weight 100g 40g 40g
Body material Aluminum

 • Colored sections in the figures above are the pressure force sensing parts (sensing surfaces).
 • Signals are output in proportion to the force in the arrow direction.
 • Lateral installation is possibe not just in the vertical installation.