– for calibration of Reference PV module PSS-1500 –


Largest long pulse solar simulator ever made by Yamashita Denso for calibration of Reference PV Modules.

Excellent temporal Stability and unprecedented uniformity made this product as a choice of AIST Japan
for a calibration facility of reference PV modules.
Installed at AIST Tsukuba Japan


・ Model: Xenon Arc Lamp Long Pulse system

Xenon Arc Lamp Long Pulse system


Effective area: 1meter x 1meter to 2 meter x 2 meter or larger. We can design customs long pulse solar simulator system to meet your requirement

 ・ Performance: Class AAA

Our long pulse solar system satisfies Class A for JIS C8912, C8933, IEC/EN.60904-9 and 
ASTM-E927 respectively .
Spectral matching: Class A
Instability during per pulse: Class A
Non-uniformity: Class A
We can offer superior specification to Class A, and your questions for more challenging specifications are welcome. 

・ System configuration 

1. Lamp house
2. Power supply section (inclusive of multiple power supplies)
3. I-V measurement workstation
4. Control workstation of entire pulsed solar system