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 ITF-201 series are the intelligent tunable filter module which automatically set the center wavelength and the half maximum band width as it was designated by the user.
 This module has a wide tuning range of the center wavelength and the band width-100nm and 45nm, respectively.
 The user can designate the center wavelength and the FWHM separately.


Model / Items O band E band SC band CL band LU band 1064nm
Tunable Wavelength Range(nm) 1260-1360 1360-1460 1460-1565 1530-1625 1555-1675 1030-1080
Wavelength resolution 0.1nm
Wavelength accuracy ≦ ±0.5nm
Tunable Half bandwidth Range  5 – 50nm
Half bandwidth resolution 0.1nm
Half bandwidth accuracy ≦ ±0.5nm
Insertion Loss ≦ 3.0dB
Operation Mode BPF/LPF/SPF/PASS
Input/Output connector FC/SPC
External control I/F function GP-IB
Power supply 100V-240VAC  48-66 Hz automatic switch
Size / Weight 260W X 350D X 99H, < 6kg
Operating environment Operating temperature limit: 10-35 C
Range of precision guarantee temperature: 15-30 C
Storage temperature range -10 ー +50 C
Percentage humidity:85% or less (non condensing)

*Specifications are subjects to change without notice.