100N load can be detected with high resolution.
Optimal for force measurement of precision machining and precision press, etc.




Dust-proof and drip-proof

As processing fluid and anti-mist measures are applied to the sealed structure, it is directly compatible with machining tools. 




•Measurement of cutting and grinding force
•Contact detection between a tool and work
•Pressure and hardness management
•Thrust force and reaction force monitoring
•strength test in manufacturing process



Line Up


Model No. FS1H-100N
Measurement range 0~100N (≒10kgf)
Resolution 20mN (≒2gf)
Repeatability ±20mN
Linearity ±0.1%
Stiffness 1.1×108 N/m
Resonant frequency 850Hz(at 0g load)、800Hz(at 1kg load)
Load capacity 100N
Built-in sensor Capacitive displacement sensor
Weight 2.1kg
Body material Steel(Electroless nickel plating)

•Force in the direction of arrow is detected.
•It can also be installed in the vertical direction.