– Dual Light Source Type Solar Simulator –


Dual light source type solar simulator (using both Xenon lamp and Halogen lamp) offers Ultra-Precision spectral matching of natural sun light. Unlike conventional Solar Simulators, these resonant IR spectral peak wavelengths using conventional AM filter are eliminated for your CALIBRATION or REFERENCE workstation.

Installed at AIST Tsukuba Japan


1. Ultra-precision spectral Matching superior to Class A classification for satisfying researchers with demanding needs.
2. Unlike other competitors, our Tandem system has no cumbersome spectral change problem during the intensity adjustment.
3. Simple and easy plug and play lamp replacement, spectral output after lamp replacement by a user is easily maintained per our proprietary optical design. Low maintenance cost and highest expectancy of productivity.

Tandem type Solar Simulator System

Effective area:
From 50mmx50mm to 155mmx155mm

MODEL Effective area Spectral Match JISC894 Spectral Non uniformity Temporal instability
YSS-T50A 50mm X 50mm Within±10% Within±20% Better than±2% Better than±0.5%
YSS-T80A 80mm X 80mm Within±10% Within±20% Better than±2% Better than±0.5%
YSS-T155A 155mm X 155mm Within±10% Within±20% Better than±2% Better than±0.5%

Performance:  Class AAA

     Our Tandem solar system satisfies Class A for JIS C8912, C8933, C8942, IEC/EN.60904-9 and ASTM-E927 respectively .
     – Spectral Matching: Class A (We surpass Class MA as defined by JIS C8942)
     – Temporal Instability: Class A
     – Non-uniformity: Class A
*    Standard product performance of Tandem Solar system for spectral matching is within +/-10%
*    If you require Class MS as defined by JIS C8942, we can offer such a special system.

JIS Class Class MS Class A(MA) Class B Class C
Spectral Match 0.95-1.05 0.75-1.25 0.6-1.4 0.4-2.0
Non-uniformity of Irradiance Better than±2% Better than±2% Better than±3% Better than±10%
Temporal Instability Better than±1% Better than±1% Better than±3% Better than±10%

JIS C8912:Solar Simulator for Crystal type solar cell
JIS C8933:Solar Simulator for amorphous solar cell
JIS C8942:Solar Simulator for multi-junction solar cell