Polarized UV exposure system uses Mercury Xenon lamp and a combination of UV dichroic mirror(cold mirror)
and an optical integrator realizes a UV exposure with a polarized beam.
Extinction ratio of 50 to 1 or better can be achieved.
Also with a combination of high transmission interference filter, system can expose a selected UV wavelength.
Custom design is available for different exposure area or radiation intensity, please contact our sales department.


◇ Non-uniformity over exposure area: To be better than +/- 3%
◇ Exposure area: Please contact our sales department
◇ Exposure UV intensity: Please contact our sales department
◇ Dynamic range of exposure wavelength: Between 250nm and 500nm (Selection of specific narrow band filter is available for your need)
◇ Polarization Extinction ratio: To be larger than 50:1 (S-polarization : P-polarization)
We use P-polarization for exposure. Degree of polarization: Better than 98%


◇ High Transmission Interference Filter