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FBPF is a fiber-optic module including the small pedestal on which the optical filter is mounted. The customers can easily change the center wavelength of the optical filter by turning the pedestal. This module is suitable for the noise reduction filter module built in the equipments of the optical communication or the fiber-optic sensing.




Filter BPF(Standard) FWHM Cavity Insertion loss

The following are specification in SMF. Please contact us about another characteristic.

1±0.2nm 1 ≤ 1.0dB
3±0.3nm 1 ≤ 1.0dB
5±0.5nm 2 ≤ 1.0dB
Special Please ask us your request, like that LPF, SPF, and so on.

Please specify the center wavelength range which carries out variable.
(For example: from 1555 to 1560nm)
We provide customized modules for other wavelength bands, please contact us for detail.

Wavelength variable width 5nm
Fiber Standard:SMF, Special:MMF,PMF and DSF and so on.
Connector and Polishing FC or SC, APC or SPC, and so on.






■Research and development for the communication.

For test and selection of various filters.
For research and development of optical fiber communications.

■For wavelength selection in WDM system. (Combined with a LED/ASE light source)


■For noise cut


Special order products

■Customization for non-standard wavelength.

360nm band, 500nm band, 850nm band, 980nm band, 1064nm band