Optoquest Co.,Ltd.

Technical Information

Optoquest was established in August 2001 by a group of scientists and engineers who had been involved in optical device research and development since early 1980s. Optoquest is head quartered in Saitama, Japan.

Optoquest offers photonic engineering services and photonic products for the fiber-optic communication industry, medical industry, and material processing industry.
Photonic engineering services include custom photonic device design, proto-type manufacturing, process design, and evaluation services. Photonic products include various photonic devices, Ti-Sapphire laser systems, and photonic instruments.

Our key technologies are (1) thin film filter technology, (2) optical micro-assembly techniques (Hikari-Jisso), (3) optical design capability, and (4) manufacturing equipment design capability.

If you are looking for professional services in photonics, we are the answer. We will fill your needs of research and development, volume production planning, and system/sub-assembly designing.

Corporate profile


Corporate Name OPTOQUEST CO., LTD.

1335 Haraichi, Ageo-city, Saitama 362-0021
TEL: +81-48-724-1811

Tokyo sales office

2F Ginsan Bldg. 4-3-10, Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
TEL: +81-3-5200-0801


August 29,2001

President Noboru Higashi
Main Products Production and sale of optical communication devices, laser applied products, optical R&D custom products and contract-based development.



Optoquest is always true to its name. In pursuit of the latest and the best, we are constantly challenging ourselves to develop new optical technologies. All-round skills are our unique strength. We are able to meet diverse market needs from material processing to manufacturing optical devices, optoelectronic equipment, etc. solely with our own internal capabilities.

1. Optical Thin Film Technology
Optoquest offers optical thin films for a wide range of applications from optical communications (FTTH, trunk lines etc.) to home appliances (projectors, optical pickup systems, digital cameras, etc.) as well as biological engineering. Our thin film production process is optimized with our own original techniques for analysis and inspection. Precision cleaning and high accuracy cutting & polishing techniques are integrated into our comprehensive manufacturing process, which allows us to deliver high-quality thin film products.

2. Optical Designing and Mounting
Optoquest provides customers with a variety of products and services such as the designing and mounting of semi conductors using space optics lenses, optical components, optical systems for high-precision jointing of fiber optics, etc. We are particularly proud of our optical collimator for SM (single mode) fibers and its high-precision fiber alignment technology. This device is mounted with a YAG laser and is used in rack-type polarization control equipment. Our optical designing and mounting techniques are applied in high-precision optical interference meter.

3. Polarization Control Technology
It is mandatory to measure and control polarization in optical communication with polarization-sensitive light receiving systems (long-haul communication systems at 40Gb/s, quantum coded communications, etc.) or optical sensors utilizing interference. Optoquest offers an extensive product line including high-speed & high precision stokes parameters analyzing equipment, extinction ratio measuring equipment and automatic polarization tracking equipment.
Our extinction ratio measuring equipment is characterized by its versatility. In addition to its main functionality, i.e., quick measurement of the extinction ratio of optical patch cords or PM fibers, it also allows users to measure the misalignment of the unique polarization angle between the laser and the PM fiber in a non-destructive way.

4. Laser Applied Technologies
Optoquest has developed and marketed high-output fiber lasers and wavelength-conversion solid-state lasers which generate visible light in the watt range. Their application has been gradually expanded in medical and health care services, bio-industry, and microscopes. Both bulk-type and waveguide-type wavelength conversion elements can be modularized. Second Harmonic Generators (SHG), Sum Frequency Generator (SFG) for upconversion and parametric generator for downconversion can also be offered with a temperature regulation unit.

5. Cleaning Techniques
The cleanliness of the elements has a great impact upon the quality when applying a thin film onto micro optical elements by vapor deposition. Optoquest provides customers with the cleaning system which is most suitable for their needs. The optimum cleaning conditions can also be achieved as we select the best cleaning jigs and cleaning solutions for the customers. Our cleaning system consists of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, a drier and a deionizer.
Our cleaning system is more environmentally-friendly as it is alcohol-free and recycles deionized water. It is comprise of a smaller number of the conventional cleaning systems for a shorter cycle time.

6. Contract-based Development of Mass-produced Optical Modules
Optoquest undertakes development of optical module prototypes with consideration to the design of the mass production line. We form a development team with experts in optoelectronics, optics designing, mechanism designing, automatic control, software and mounting, who dedicate their resources to the client in order to deliver the best result within the minimum length of time.