THK Precision Co., Ltd.

Technical Information


Ultrasonic Motor Stage

Ultraprecise positioning stages, which provide up to 1nm resolution and high-speed response.

Ultrasonic Motor Stage

The travel range is in ‘mm’ scale and ’20nm’ resolution is achieved.

Force sensor

Two different range of detection, from ホシN to mN, 100N are provided.


Corporate profile


Corporate Name THK Precision CO., LTD.
Headquarters 4-9-16, Higashi-koujiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0033 Japan
TEL +81-3-5735-5086
FAX +81-3-5735-5087
Representative Chairman of the Board Akihiro Teramachi(President and CEO, THK CO., LTD.)
President and CEO Katsuhiko Iida
Establishment January 10, 2002
Capital 50 million yen
Employee 12
Type of Business Manufacture & sale of precision positioning equipment using a piezoelectric actuator