Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd.



Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd. has offered the products which is satisfactory for customers

since its foundation in 1970 under the slogan “Our product is the crystallization of the

technologies we have developed”.

We have the integrated system of production from the design to the mass production:

a design of the dielectric multi-layered thin films,a test production, an evaluation and

a mass production.  We have the peripheral processing technologies along with the coating

technology, so we can provide the optimal products which satisfies the customers’ demands.

Please let us know your request for the specifications and the quantity. 

We will show you the best solution which satisfies you.





Corporate profile


Corporate Name Koshin Kogaku Co.,Ltd.
Address of the Headquaters 69-3 Bodai, Hadano-shi,Kanagawa 259-1302 Japan
  TEL +81-463-75-3331 FAX +81-463-75-3535
Capital 145,500,000 JPY
Foundation August 1970
  President Koji Takahashi
  Executive Vice President Fumihiko Narukawa
  Non-Executive Director Yoshitaka Ota
  Part-time Auditor Hiroyuki Hiratsu
Number of Employee 77 (As of June 1, 2021)
Main Bank MUFJ Bank, Ltd.
  Bank of Yokohama