This product can control the current drive and temperature of 14-pin butterfly package LD modules with only the main unit. The substrate is equipped with an LCD monitor, an LD ON/OFF button and a rotary encoder for each parameter setting. A USB port, which can externally control PC, is also included on the substrate.
In addition, this product is compatible with most manufacturers’ LD modules by exchanging the attached slave boards. 
Capability: LD Current: 0-500 mA (Setting Resolution: 1mA, Measurement Resolution: 0.1 mA), TEC Current: 0 to ±1.5 A (Measurement Resolution: 1 mA), Temperature: 15-35 deg C (Setting Resolution: 0.1 deg C, Measurement Resolution: 0.001 deg C)
Furthermore, this product has other capabilities, such as LD/TEC current limit settings, PID gain, integration coefficient settings and an alarm function.
With a built-in power supply, the product is powered and ready for use once it is plugged in via the accessory AC adapter.


– 14-pin butterfly package LD module compatible drivers and temperature controller 
– Compatible with most manufacturer’s LD modules, small-sized, low-cost, all-in-one and compact 
– Compact (external dimensions: 100 mm x 100 mm)
– Low price
– All-in-one design ( Power supply, Display functions and Operation section)

Brochure  PDF

* The photo shows LDDA-500.
* LD modules are not included with this product. 


Model LDDA-500 LDDA-2000
Power Source Voltage +5V +/- 5%
Current 2A max 5A max
Environment Temperature 15 – 35 deg C
Humidity No condensation
LD Module Shape 14-pin Butterfly
Drive System ACC
Connection Type Floating, Cathode GND
Current Setting 0 – 500mA 0 – 2000mA
Setting Resolution 1mA
Display / Measurement Resolution 1mA/0.1mA
Limitter Setting 10-500 mA 10-2000 mA
Setting Resolution 10mA
Voltage 0 – 3V
Display / Measurement Resolution 0.01V/0.001V
TEC Drive System PWM
Current Setting 100 – 1500mA 100 – 3000mA
Setting Resolution 100mA
Drive Current 0 – +/-1.5A 0 – +/-3.0A
Measurement Resolution 1mA
Voltage 0.01V/0.001V
Display / Measurement Resolution
Temperature Setting Range 15 – 35 deg C 15 – 40 deg C
Setting Resolution 0.1 deg C
Monitor Range 10 – 40 deg C
Display / Measurement Resolution 0.1 deg C /0.001 deg C
Setting Method Item Selection Press the Rotary Encoder
Item LD Current Settings / LD Current Monitor / LD Voltage Monitor / Temperature Settings / Temperature Monitor / TEC Current and Voltage Monitor
Value Setting Rotate the Rotary Encoder
ON / OFF Press LD-SW
Display LCD 2-Line x 16-Character Back Light
LD, TEC Status LED: Green for “Drive” and flashing red for “Alarm”
Communication Interface USB, Virtual COM, 19200 bps
Connector USB-miniB
LD Protection LD Reversing detection, TEC function