FiberLabs offers five CL-band ASE light source modules with different spectral characteristics. Module type ASE light sources are small in size and easy to integrate into equipments. All of them are operated on 5 VDC and the optical properties are the same as the corresponding bench-top models.


           ASE-CL-13S-Md, ASE-FLMd7002

  ASE-FLMd7006-15, ASE-FLMd7006-17

■ Module type specifications

 Item ASE-CL-13S-Md ASE-FLMd7002 ASEFLMd7004 ASE-FLMd7006-15 ASE-FLMd7006-17
Total Output Power >+13dBm
Output Wavelength Band C+L Band
Spectrum Power Density > -15dBm/nm > -11dBm/nm > -8dBm/nm > -8dBm/nm > -5dBm/nm
@1530~1600nm @1540~1600nm @1528-1603nm
Output Power Stability *1 <+/-0.05dB <+/-0.005dB <+/-0.01dB
Example Example Example Example Example
Output Fiber SMF
Output Optical Connector FC/PC
 Dimensional, Electrical & Environmental
Size HxWxD (mm)*2 19x 120x 90 33x120x90 29 x 120 x 90
Power supply DC5V DC5V
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*1: 15minutes stability after 1 hour warm-up
*2: Not including protrusions