With the use of Er-doped fibers, FiberLabs offers seven C-band ASE light sources with different spectral characteristics. Select the best products for your application from extensive models, including the economical, compact ASE-C-10S; ASE-FL7010 and 7013 with excellent flatness; ASE-FL7012 for wide wavelength range; high-power ASE-FL7050; and ASE-1560-G20 with Gaussian spectra.


■ Features

High output power up to 22dBm
Broad spectrum(1530~1570nm)
Stable spectral output power
Flattened output
Gaussian like power distribution

■ Applications

Optical component characterization
Optical measurement systems
Optical sensing

■ Bench-Top type specifications

Item ASE-C-10S ASE-1550-25 ASE-FL7010 ASE-FL7012 ASE-FL7013 ASE-FL7050 ASE-1560-G20
Total Output Power >+10dBm
Output Wavelength Band C-Band
Spectrum Power Density >-16dBm/nm
Gaussian like shape
Output Power Stability *1 <+/-0.05dB <+/-0.005dB (typical <+/-0.001dB) <+/-0.01dB
Example Example Example Example Example
Output Fiber SMF
Output Connector FC/PC
Size(mm):H x W x D *2 44 x 112 x 120 88 x 260 x 350
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 40 °C
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60 °C
Power Supply DC6V (Attached AC adaptor) AC 100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)

*1 15Min. after 2 hours warm-up
*2 Not Including Protrusions