Optical fiber is known for providing stable optical transmission, but it is also well known that optical fiber can be affected by slight structural shifts and influenced by disturbances, so that the total input and output of a comprehensive combination of optical fibers exhibit wave plate functionality.
The characteristics may vary due to disturbances of temperature changes and vibration in a relatively modest manner.
In addition, although polarization-maintaining fibers which provide stable transmission of polarized waves are also available, they are not cost effective when used to consistently control polarization with various function devices.
This product can be used for automatic linear polarization tracking in the above cases. This product realizes stable linear polarization output, even though polarization input is unstable.
This product is recommended for a wide range of applications, such as optical communications, optical measurement, biotechnology, and other research institutions, etc.

– Low insertion loss, low loss fluctuation, and high return loss
– Capability to convert arbitrary polarization to linear polarization
– Capability to specify the angle and control constant speed rotation on the operator panel
– Spatial output capability by connecting a collimate attachment to the output adapter


Key Applications
– Conversion of arbitrary polarization to linear polarization for input into polarization dependent elements
– SHG conversion and wavelength conversion 
– Various polarization experiments
– Polarization fluctuation control for optical communication systems

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Typical Specifications

Model ALP05C
Insertion Loss <1.5dB
Return Loss > 50dB
Optical Input Power * -12 – 10dBm(approx. 60 μW – 10mW) @1550nm
Polarization Extinction Ratio > 20dB
Optical Adapter SC/FC Inter-Exchangeable Type Adapter

* Input Power: Customizable up to 1 W. However, light sources may need to be borrowed in this case.



External Control USB
Power Source AC90 – 240V
Power Consumption < 30 [W]
Operating Temperature 10 – 45 [deg C]
Storage Temperature 0 – 60 [deg C]
Dimensions (W x H x D) 260 x 99 x 280 [mm]
Weight 5 [kg]