The ASE-0980-10 is an ASE(Amplified Spontaneous Emission) light source for 980nm band. This light source can be used for evaluation of optical isolators and other 980nm band optical devices. Total output power is more than 10 dBm.


■ Features

High spectrum density
Stable spectral output power
Cost effective

■ Applications

Optical measurement systems
Optical component spectral tests
Optical sensing
Scientific applications

■ Bench-Top type specifications

 Item ASE-0980-10 (With isolator)
 Output Wavelength Band 980nm band
 Output Power > +10dBm ( >10mW)
 Spectral Power Dennsity > -30dBm/nm@975-1,050nm
 Output Power Stability *1 +/- 0.01dB : Example
 Output Fiber HI1060
 Output Optical Connector FC/PC
 Size*2 88mm(H) x 260mm(W) x 350mm(D)
 Operation Temperature 0 ~ 40 Deg. C
 Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60 Deg. C
 Weight 5Kg
 Power Supply AC100 – 240V(50/60Hz)

*1: 15minutes stability after 1 hour warm-up
*2: Not including protrusions